Test your supply before your supply tests you.

MabLab produces accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use 5-in-1 test strips to screen for the five deadliest lacing agents in recreational drugs.







of these deaths WERE

MabLab was created after one of our close peers overdosed on xylazine when taking recreational drugs for the first time in college.

The journey to saving lives from accidental overdoses starts now. That way, no parent, friend, or relative has to get a phone call from the hospital about a loved one overdosing ever again.

Our Solution

MabLab's approach combines cutting-edge technology with existing studies in the biological sciences. In fact, MabLab uses monoclonal antibody testing — the same technology used in pregnancy and COVID-19 testing. The validation and testing of our scientific innovation have been carried out through a strategic collaboration with staff scientists and professors at both Harvard University and Columbia University.

Academic Partners

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Public Outreach

MabLab centers harm reduction in every aspect of business. The three main components MabLab has identified to target the mission of harm reduction are educational programing, social media awareness, and increasing accessibility of our test strips through community outreach.

Machine Learning

Alongside our public outreach strategy, we are also developing a machine learning platform to track outbreaks of overdoses in different regions, assess the need for new antibodies on our test strip and identify areas requiring an increased presence of harm reduction tools.